Beautiful amateur
radio experience
on your Mac.

Connect to your AllStarLink node from anywhere in the world. Administer linked nodes, monitor traffic and transmit audio.

Transceive is for

AllStar Public Authentication

Connect directly to public nodes with your AllStar account. Experience the AllStarLink network without the complexity of setting up a node.

A callsign is required to sign up for an AllStar account. Nodes available for connecting via public authentication are identified by (wt) in the AllStar directory.

Node Connection

Securely store account information for every node you manage. Automatic DNS lookup for registered nodes, no need to dig up IP addresses. Indicators for node reachability due to change in network conditions. Open up to 8 nodes at once.

Link Management

Quickly link your node to other nodes on the network. Identify keyed nodes as they transmit. A history of previously linked nodes is maintained. Automatic unlinking to prevent inadvertently linking multiple nodes together.

Radio Like

Transmission is activated by holding down the PTT button or the SPACE bar. A timeout timer helps you avoid timing out a repeater. A keypad allows you to enter arbitrary DTMF commands.

Automatic Identification

Node information and location are displayed along with callsign details. Registered node location can be displayed on a map automatically.

Callsign lookup availability varies by country of issuance.

Net Controller Friendly

Latching PTT provides a hands-free experience for net control operators. Full duplex audio can be useful to hear stations that may be doubling with you.


Modify built-in DTMF commands to match your specific node configuration. Define your own DTMF sequence presets for quick access to frequent operations.

Stellar Audio

Experience high quality audio from any sources connected to your Mac. Monitor and adjust audio levels with the help of a calibrated audio monitor panel.

Accessible to All

With standard UI controls, the application is compatible with macOS built-in accessibility features such as Voice Over.

Keep tabs on all your nodes
There's even night mode.

Directly switch between node connection windows and listen to traffic or hit PTT to transmit. Dark mode available for the night owls.

transceive dark mode macbook pro